Nature’s bounty has been poured in Kerala by the Almighty. The verdant green all over the land fringed with greenish-brown hills on one side and the beautiful stretch of backwaters on the other have listed the place on the bucket list of all travel enthusiasts.

In Kerala apart from sightseeing, you can also participate in sustainable tourism by going through the following 9 unique experiences with Cochin Shore Excursions team. These experiences are sure to rejuvenate your soul and refill you with a new lease of life.

1.    Canoe Cruise

A typical Kerala canoe is a wooden boat with two pointed ends. The canoes are driven by bamboo oars by boatmen. Being non-mechanized, the canoes can smoothly traverse through the intricate network of canals and backwaters without disturbing the animal ecosystem. The true fragrance of Kerala, the greenery, the animals and birds, and the villages scenes skirted by the backwaters can be soaked in by the travellers on a canoe cruise. As the canoes are small and narrow, they can enter any narrow creek helping you to have closer views of the sights and sounds. If you feel like, you can also row the boat yourself. The sound of the rippling water as you sit in the canoe and the chirping birds from the trees will feel ethereal.

2.    Houseboat Cruise

       Pic Courtesy: Alleppey Houseboat Club

In the ancient ages, the houseboats of Kerala were used for transportation purposes through the water bodies of Kerala. Later, they were started to be used as a transportation medium for carrying goods like rice and spices. They were called Kettuvallams. Nowadays, the Kettuvallams are used as luxury cruises along the backwaters of Kerala for the travellers visiting here. The houseboats provide lavish comforts along with the experience of a boat ride over the canals and backwaters. You can enjoy freshly cooked traditional Kerala cuisine authentically prepared onboard while sighting the tranquil waters, coconut and palm groves and indigenous fishing activities. When a large group is travelling here, Houseboat trains are made by joining houseboats to accommodate them.

3.    Village Walks

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To know a place well, walking along the place is the best option. Kerala villages have a sleepy lifestyle. The daily chores go on at a relaxed pace. If you want to understand the lifestyle of the villagers here and their daily chores, you should walk through the villages. The wetness of the ground beneath and the earthy smell will fill your hearts as you walk under the shades of coconut trees, palms, jackfruit and other tall trees. You might spot a few birds and butterflies. As you walk, you can observe the villagers carrying on their daily chores like fishing, toddy tapping, collecting coconuts, farming in the green fields, making handicrafts and cooking. You can break into warm conversations with the people here which would give you insights on their lifestyle.

4.    Fishing

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Fishing is one of the most important livelihoods of the people living near the backwaters of Kerala. They use different techniques to catch fishes. While travelling to Kerala, you can also catch fish and collect clams. You can observe the different indigenous techniques people use to catch fishes in the water bodies and paddy fields from the canoes and houseboats. You can also catch fishes with the help of fishing rods and baits.

5.    Coir Making

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The coir products of Kerala are popular across the world. In the villages of Kerala, primarily the womenfolk make coir from the coconut husks with the help of the weaving wheel. They keep on attaching the coconut fibre to the weaving wheel and it spins to make strong threads. The technique and the diligent work are must be observed during your stay in Kerala.

6.    Kayaking

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Kayak is a narrow boat with a two-way paddle for driving the boat. Kayaking can provide a unique experience of traversing the backwaters and the canals. If you are kayaking solo, with the magnificent natural views around you, the placid water beneath, the soft sound of the ripples with the songs of the birds can transport you to paradise briefly. The backwaters can appear more bewitching with the coconut and palm groves fringing them.

7.    Bird Watching

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With the forests, green cover around and the biodiversity in Kerala, a variety of birds are commonly found here. It is delightful to watch the Cormorants, Flamingos and Kingfishers hunting for fishes and flying away with their catches. The trail of ducks swimming by. There are bright colored hornbills and innumerable migratory birds gleefully flying around the tree canopies. You might lose the track of time while observing the colorful plumage in the skies and waters of Kerala.

8.    Toddy Tapping

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Toddy is the sap collected from the coconut flowers. Strong and sure-footed men climb upright on top of the coconut trees, make a small cut in the coconut flowers and sap starts flowing immediately. They fasten a container there to collect the sap. The whitish sap tastes sweet and it is not alcoholic. But the twist in the tale is the liquid starts getting fermented as soon as it gets collected in the container. The fermented liquid tastes a bit pungent and is known as Toddy. It is amazing to observe the entire process of people climbing the trees, collecting the sap and coming down with it. The Toddy is a popular country liquor here and there are shops where it is available with the accompaniments like authentic Kerala dishes.

9.    Tuk Tuk Rides

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Tuk tuks are small vehicles which can enter any busy street and cruise through easily. It is a funny experience to ride a tuk-tuk and travel along. The views from a Tuktuk is pretty up-close. You can feel the sights and sounds clear when you are riding a Tuktuk. However, it is advisable to board a Tuktuk with your guides from Cochin Shore Experiences team because of security reasons and guiding you about the right amount of fare you’ll be paying for the ride.

All these unique activities will be treasures of your lifetime. These experiences gained with the guidance of our team at Cochin Shore Excursions will surely unfurl the happy soul of Kerala before you.