While your ship is being anchored in the Cochin Port, you can start exploring the different hues of Kerala by embarking on different day tours apart from the Cochin Day Tours (We have discussed about the Cochin Day Tours in another blog)

The day tours we will be talking about in this blog circle around the beautiful backwaters of Kerala, the scenic beaches, waterfalls, bird sanctuaries and villages on the little isles near the backwaters.

1. Houseboat Cruise and Canal Cruise on the Backwaters 

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The picturesque water labyrinth with coconut, palm and mangrove trees beneath the blue sky is one of the must-see vistas while you are on your Cochin Shore Excursion. The luxury houseboats provide you a royal experience of the backwaters with authentic local food and other amenities you might need on the ride. The canoe, on the other hand, can traverse into the narrower canals and creeks of the backwaters, giving you a rustic experience. The sight of birds on their flight, the people going by their daily chores and fishermen deftly catching fishes by artistically spreading their nets over the water bodies will give you travel memories to cherish in future. 

2. The scenic beaches Marari and Cherai

Marari Beach Pic Courtesy: Iris Holidays

If you are looking for places to lie down on the bosom of nature and laze around, you need to visit the scenic beaches of Marari and Cherai. You can hit the Marari beach after a tour around the Alappuzha Backwaters, chill under the blue sky trying to count the incessant blue waves and go back to your ship waiting in Cochin. You can take a lazy walk on the stretch of the beach too. Not many people choose to swim here in the water,but you can bask under the warm sun for hours with none to disturb you. 

Cherai Beach Pic Courtesy: Wikipedia

If you are looking to sight a few dolphins and swim in the azure Arabian Sea, Cherai beach is your destination. You can go for a walk around the beach or for paragliding. The clean waters, white sands with green trees will continue to invite you with their charming appearances. 

3. Athirapally Waterfalls

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Athirapally waterfalls is the largest waterfall in Kerala standing tall at 80 feet. The breath-taking views of the Athirapally waterfalls are ever mesmerizing. The water gushes around, hit the large rocks and pours down in thick water columns. The contrasting drapes of white cascades and black rocks looks marvelous from the nearest viewpoint. 

4. Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

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It is the first bird sanctuary established in Kerala and well known as the house for the richest variety of bird species in India as stated by renowned ornithologist, Salim Ali. The place consists of waters birds as well as forest birds and migratory birds. The birding enthusiasts can observe a variety of bird species like Orange-headed thrush, Large-billed leaf-warbler, Drongo Cuckoo, Indian Cuckoo, Indian Hawk Cuckoo, Cormorants, Oriental Darter, Whiskered Terns, Ceylon frogmouth, Grey fronted green pigeon, Malabar Grey Hornbill and the likes. 

5. Thrissur Vadakkunathan Temple and the Cheraman Juma Mosque: 

Kerala is a seat of religious diversity. Here you can spot temples, mosques, churches and synagogues located close to each other. While you plan to see the Vadakkunathan Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, in Thrissur, you cannot afford to miss the Cheraman Juma Mosque, the oldest mosque in India, located in Methala, Thrissur district. Both the temple and the mosque are the testimonials of the unique architectural marvels of Kerala. The Vadakkunathan Temple treasures some precious mural paintings on Hindu mythologies. On the other hand, the Cheraman Juma Mosque still practices a few Hindu traditions like Vidyarambham (Alphabet initiation ceremony). Where else will you get to see such beautiful examples of religious harmony except India? 

6. Kumbalangi and Vaikom Village Day Tours

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The humble livelihoods of the villages situated on the isles of backwaters present a different philosophy of life. The slow and peaceful life of the villagers teaches us to slow down in our lives too, whenever possible, for it is important at times to stop and smell the roses. The walks around the villages can acquaint you with the hard work the villagers put in everyday to win breads for their families. You can observe their occupations like coir making, pottery, fishing, extraction of coconut oil, toddy tapping, hand weaving, and hand looms. 

Almost all of these tour options can be clubbed together to ensure that you don’t waste any of your days of staying while on the shore excursion. 

For example, the waterfall and bird sanctuary tour can be clubbed with a backwater cruise or backwater village stay. Or, maybe before returning to your ship you can relax at the beaches after completing a canoe cruise on the backwaters or visiting the mosque and the temple.   

In order to have an efficient tour plan so that you don’t miss out on any of these amazing day tour options, please contact our Shore Excursion Experts for helping you out with an itinerary.