Cancellation Policy

Cancellation done by Guest:

In the event that the guest chooses to cancel the visit, then he/she must notify us within a fixed time limit alongside the copy of the payment receipt/email confirmation issued by us. Such cancellations will attract charges mentioned below.

Cancellation charges will be determined based on the gross tour cost, and it will also depend upon the tour commencement date and cancellation date. Cancellation charges for any kind of transportation ticket will be applied according to concerned authority’s rules. Air tickets are non-refundable and the cancellation charges shall be borne by the guest.

We will deduct the processing charges from the refundable amount.

Below amount will be collected as cancellation charges from the guest.

  • Cancellation prior to 45 days to 30 days of the tour commencement date will attract 25% of the tour/service cost
  • Cancellation prior to 30 days to 07 days of the tour commencement date will attract 33% of the tour/service cost
  • Cancellation prior to 07 days to 48 hours of the tour commencement date will attract 80% of the tour/service cost
  • Cancellation done less than 48 hours or no show will attract 100% of the tour/service cost

Note: Cancellation charges will be levied on the gross sum of the tour or service cost and not the actual booking cost as it may be discounted. For the customized tours, charges for cancellation will vary as per services you book.

Cancellation by Us:

If any service or tour is canceled by us because of any unanticipated reasons, then the guest will receive the full refund of the paid amount within seven working days from the cancellation date.

Refund Policy

Refunds if any, for changes/variation/modification and/or tour cancellations will be paid to the guest through Account payee' cheque/ Cash/Net Banking/Cash deposit/PayPal (based on mutual consent) in INR at the current exchange rate on the date of the refund initiation, as per RBI Rules and Regulations,, regardless of whether the payment was made in foreign currency. We strive to expedite the procedure of refund. Nonetheless, it might take 7 to 14 working days for the refund process.

Refund will not be applicable:

  • For any unused or missed services including the meals
  • Cancellation is done during peak season, i.e. 1st December to 31st January
  • If the tour services are varied, modified, amended, canceled or not used.
  • If your cruise ship fails to port at Cochin Port for whatever reason without minimum 7 days prior notice.
  • If any guest is required to cancel the tour because of any changes in the rules by the concerned Government.
  • If the tour is canceled or indefinitely postponed due to any natural disaster, riots, political issues or any other unforeseen calamities.
  • For air tickets if any, and the travel date change is not permitted.