Backwater Houseboat Day Cruise

Starting Point: Cochin Port or Cochin City

Ending Point: Cochin Port or Cochin City

Duration: 8 hours

Category: Group Tour / Private Tour

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Kumarakom Houseboats
Village Life
Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
Pathiramanal Island

Package Summary

The scenic village of Kumarakom is ever vibrant with the chirping of birds. And in this delightful environment, you will enjoy a cruise in an elegant houseboat where you will eat delicious Kerala style lunch. After the houseboat cruise, you will enjoy canoeing, toddy shop visit and other village activities. You will also enjoy beautiful sights of fishing and coir-making.

Route Map

Detailed Itinerary

At the Cochin Warf, you will see our representative waiting for you with a signboard. For easy identification, you will be given identification badges. You will get into the bus or cab after which our tour guide will brief you with an overview of the tour. Our tour guides are accredited by the Kerala Tourism Department. We have guides who can speak English, Arabic, German, French and other languages. So depending on your preferred language, we can arrange a suitable tour guide.

A complimentary drinking water bottle will be given to you at the start of the trip. Then, we will drive to Kumarakom. Once you reach Kumarakom, you will be served tender coconut water or some other local drink as a welcome drink.

Kumarakom is a scenic backwater village, home to many delightful birds. During your day tour in Kumarakom, you will see beautiful sights of elegant houseboats and colourful shikkara boats cruising through the serene backwaters. The traditional wooden canoes moving slowly on the backwaters make for a fantastic view as well. As you enjoy your boat cruise, you will see glimpses of quaint villages, the delightful bird sanctuary, and the lush green Pathiramanal Island.

Apart from the beautiful sights that you will get to see, you will also enjoy the following experiences.

Houseboat Cruise:

A houseboat cruise offers a rich experience of the backwaters. At Kumarakom, houseboats come with well-appointed rooms, a kitchen and en-suite bathrooms. They have a viewing deck which provides a panoramic view of the serene backwaters as well as the palm-fringed shoreline of Kumarakom. At the houseboat, you will be served authentic Kerala-style lunch. The view and the atmosphere make the lunch feel even more delicious. After you are done with lunch, you will check out of the houseboat. Then you will enjoy many other activities.

Fishing Using Fishing Rods:

The shallow regions of the Kumarakom Backwaters have so many fish varieties; so it is an ideal place for fishing. With a simple fishing rod, fishing line and a hook, you can catch much fish. Earthworms are usually used as bait for the fish. Using a fishing rod requires a little bit of skill, but it is definitely a fun activity.

Village Life:

You will get to interact with the humble villagers of Kumarakom who will be more than happy to show you their home, their work and other chores of a typical villager. As you get to see a whole different lifestyle, you'd even think about settling down in this small little world of theirs.

Local Tea and Toddy Shop Visit:

Visiting a local tea or toddy shop in Kerala is an experience in itself. It is quite amazing to see how the locals manage to make even the tea-making process an interesting thing to look at. And Toddy, a mildly alcoholic beverage made from the sap of coconut tree, is Kerala's most popular drink. The atmosphere at the tea and toddy shop will make you feel like you're experiencing the real and authentic Kerala. 

Boating or Canoeing:

A canoe is a simple wooden boat, pointed at both ends. It is rowed with a single-bladed paddle. Since it is small in size, a canoe can take you to the narrowest of the canals in the backwaters, and you can, therefore, explore the backwaters to a great extent. It is quite an experience. But if canoeing is not possible, then you can definitely enjoy a boat cruise. The relaxing boat cruise will allow you to absorb the scenic beauty of Kumarakom. You will see delightful birds, backwater villages and the lush green Pathiramanal Island.

Coconut-related activities:

Kerala’s coconut trees add marvellous beauty to the land. It is interesting to note that the state of Kerala produces 45% of India’s coconuts. The speciality of a coconut tree is that you can use every part of the tree in some way or the other. From the husk, you can make coir and use the coir to make handicrafts. The leaves can be used to make doormats or baskets. Even the shell is used to make ladles and big spoons. The fruit, of course, can be eaten or processed to make hair oil and cooking oil. During your tour in Kumarakom, you will see the harvesting of coconuts, dehusking of coconuts, extraction of coconut milk, coconut processing, weaving coconut leaves and broom making from coconut leaves. These activities are an interesting sight to watch, and it’s quite thrilling to see how the tree is used in so many different ways.

Coir Making from Coconut Fibre:

The coir products of Kerala are ideal take-home souvenirs. You will simply love them. Something else you will love is watching the process of making these coir products. In fact, you can also see how coir is made from coconut fibre using weaving wheels. Most local women keep themselves busy during the day, making coir and coir products.

Tuk-Tuk Rides:

Kerala’s tuk-tuks are simply adorable to look at. But the real experience of a tuk-tuk is when you enjoy a ride in it. Tuk-tuks are quick, and more interestingly, the skills of the driver would really impress you, seeing how they can just take the tuk-tuk anywhere and everywhere.

After enjoying the many relaxing activities at Kumarakom, you will enjoy a refreshing cup of tea along with hot and yummy Kerala snacks. Then, we will drop you back at the Cochin Port on the cab or bus.

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Coconut Harvesting
Weaving Coconut Leaves
Coir Making
Kerala Style Lunch
Tender Coconut Water
Toddy Shop Visit
Fishing using Fishing Rods
Canoe Cruise
Houseboat Cruise

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